Monday, 28 July 2014

Found This Week #3

I'm sure that this week again I have seen so many things that I honestly can't remember, but anyway here we go!

The Flower Garden - Rebecca Louise Law
This women has done amazing installations. Her designs are mind blowingly beautiful!
How to Sell Your Art // Email Marketing - Market Your Creativity
The tips on this blog post are really great. If you ever plan to try and sell/promote your artwork through a mailing list I would definitely give this a read!
Alli Speed Vlogger
I've highighted on this blog before about Alli Speed but with recent events she has definitely taken a huge stride in her life just now. At the moment, she is on a YouTuber trip across Europe. Her vlogs are incredibly insightful so you really should give them a watch.
Will You - The Tea Drinking English Rose
A package Charlotte sent to her bridesmaids-to-be. The packages created are incredibly beautiful and I would honestly be so happy to receive one of these myself!
Street Art -  Brit&Co
A collection of brilliantly thought out pieces of graffiti. 
What brilliant things have you stumbled upon this week?

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Sunday Summary #28

This week has probably been the busiest week of my summer holidays so far. I've had such a packed week with meeting up with an old school friend, spending time with Darren's family, going to the cinema, working, having a date night with Darren and going to a car boot sale.

Saturday, 26 July 2014

The thoughts inside my head

For a while now on this blog I have been saying about wanting to open a little Etsy/Folksy shop up. However, I'm honestly so stuck on this. 

Friday, 25 July 2014

For the love of snail mail

Recently I've been getting into snail mail a lot more. Like many on the blogsphere, we all seem to love the idea of putting pen to paper and writing heart felt letters, postcards, cards instead of just messaging each other back and forth! Within the past few months, I've been taking part in more snail mail type things like Dainty and Ivory's Craft swap. So, with all of this, I've decided I want to do more snail mail. If you would like to start sending snail mail to me, with me sending you some back then send me an email over at

Within time, I may develop this further like Hannah has, but for the time being I just want to send some lovely snail mail to some lovely people. 
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